Natalie Acciani



Natalie's music (self-described as "country-infused folk/rock") is always written based on personal experience; however, her live performances are where her songs truly come alive and it is there that she is able to connect with audiences in a unique way.  



Natalie uses her own past experiences and personal healing journey to connect with others as she combines her original music and the stories behind her songs to promote and encourage emotional healing, with an emphasis on building self-worth, positive self-image & suicide prevention. 


"To see somebody who understands what happened to you . . . makes me feel like part of something bigger than just me."

- 9th grader, CCA

"It was very uplifting . . . I never cry but I could not help it."

- 8th grader, CCA

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Natalie's music is available at any live performance. You can also follow the link below to find her music on iTunes:


Natalie's blog page "Don't Forget To Love Yourself" (DFTLY) can be found by following this link:

The site is completely devoted to promoting self-worth and encouraging others who are embarking on paths towards emotional healing. It has information on some of the common factors that cause low self-esteem as well as tips and tricks for building and maintaining a healthy self-image.